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Saitek Eclipse Keyboard (USB) (Blå)

Artikelnr: 46889

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Our award-winning keyboard design just got better! The Eclipse PC keyboard features patented TrueVu key illumination for use in any light, from day to total darkness.

True-Vu key illumination through the keys! The Eclipse 104-key keyboard features patented Blue LED key illumination and backlighting, Zero-Slope design and adjustable wrist rest for ergonomic comfort. It is a Plug’n’Play design with USB connector. Compatible with Windows 98, SE, ME, 2000 and XP.

• Three lighting levels: High / Low / Off
• Volume control / Mute
• Adjustable keyboard angle
• Adjustable wrist rest
• Black finish and silver keys with laser-cut lettering.

Recensioner: - 5/5
- "The Eclipse is, dare I say, the perfect keyboard... the Eclipse is a fantastic product. It’s extremely comfortable to use, looks fantastic, comprised of quality construction and provides an exceptionally cool lighting effect…which I might add, can be turned off. ModdersHQ highly recommends this product." - Must Have
- "The key response is perfect, as before, and now the lights are perfect too - proof is that I am once again typing this article in the middle of the night using the keyboard." - Gold Award
- "It is my honest opinion that the Eclipse keyboard is one of the best investments a PC enthusiast can make. It's perfect for those late night gaming sessions, dark lan parties, or the conventional user who just needs a great keyboard. While it would be nice to see a wireless version in the future, the cable seems logical until technology catches up. When it's all said and done, this is the perfect keyboard." - Editors Choice Award
- "In conclusion, the Eclipse PC Keyboard is simply the best keyboard I have ever used. For daily work, it more than aptly handles the task, and for serious gaming in a darkened setting I have never been happier with a keyboard. This is definitely going to be the keyboard I’ll be using for the foreseeable future." - 8/8
- "The Saitek Eclipse is truly a new best-of-class keyboard...The keyboard looks slightly better and offers better key illumination than the Gamers Keyboard, but it retains the soft feel that we've grown to love. All of this makes the Saitek Eclipse Keyboard better than any other gaming keyboard on the market."

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Vårt artikelnr46889
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