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AcoustiFan Chassifläkt DustPROOF 70mm

Artikelnr: 48250

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With Fan Cable, 4 Std Fan Screws & 4 Cable Ties.

A NEW range of premium quality, ultra-quiet dust-tolerant multi-application cooling fans for PCs. These fans have been designed to be quiet and stay quiet!
They also come with a 3-speed fan cable accessory providing a choice of 3 speeds & 4-pin connectivity. No harmful dust ingress means that dust stays out of the motor, bearings and fan circuitry to help keep the fan quiet, cool and prolong it's lifetime.

Product Highlights
• Ultra-quiet operation
• Premium build quality (you need to feel the quality of these fans!)
• Triple speed (using the '3-speed' fan cable accessory)
• Sealed fan motor for dust-free operation & reduced noise
• Multiple application (can be used for CPU/GPU or case cooling)
• RPM-monitoring enabled
• Reliable with a long life expectancy (over 6yrs @ 25°C!)
• Start at lower voltages for near silent operation (min. 5VDC)
• Unique rear 'acoustic' badge for added noise reduction
• 3-pin & 4-pin compatible (with 3-speed fan accessory cable)

Full Speed (12VDC)
• Air Volume Throughput CFM ±10% 21.9
• Acoustic Performance (DIN45635 @1m) dBA 20.0
• Fan Speed RPM•• ±10% 2,500

Medium Speed (approx. 7.5VDC)
• Air Volume Throughput CFM ±10% 14.0
• Acoustic Performance (DIN45635 @1m) dBA 10.5
• Fan Speed RPM•• ±10% 1,750

Low Speed (5VDC)
• Air Volume Throughput CFM ±10% 9.1
• Acoustic Performance (DIN45635 @1m) dBA <10•
• Fan Speed RPM•• ±10% 1,150

• Where noise levels have been measured & calculated @1m distance below 10dBA we have quoted <10dBA. Very low noise levels,
are taken at 0.3m distance and extrapolated to 1m, so that recorded levels are significantly above test chamber background noise levels.
•• The quoted RPM for an individual fan may vary slightly by as much as 10% (figures shown are averages from multiple tests).
A variation in RPM at a given voltage will result in a change in airflow and noise levels.

Please note!
Using the BLUE 7.5VDC Connector with High Wattage PC Fans
ONLY use the 7.5VDC (Blue) connector to power PC fans rated up to 4W (that is, a maximum of 12VDC & 0.33A). The resistor will become too warm when used with higher rated wattage fans. This limitation does not relate to the 5VDC and 12VDC connectors (White and Black), as these do not have an in-line resistor.
The majority of 'quiet' PC fans available are rated below 2W, so this is only an issue with higher than normal wattage fans. Should you choose to use the 7.5VDC speed option with fans rated over 4W, then please do so only on the understanding that this is at the installer's own risk.

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