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Arctic Cooling Socket A - Copper Silent 2 (Copper) (Rev. 2)

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44 x 44 x 5 mm of Copper Plate
Contrary to heat sinks which use a copper core (copper poured inside aluminium), for the Copper Silent 2 we use more material over the DIE where high energy flows (copper plate) and in the external areas where low energy flows, less material (only 5mm aluminium plate). Thus we achieve a better efficiency, hence better cooling performance without increasing the weight.

Tin Connection between Copper and Aluminium
The heat transfer of conventional copper cores onto aluminium is ensured by thermal compound, which transfers the warmth extremely poorly compared to metals. In contrast to this we use a super-thin tin film. This has the advantage of approx. 25-times higher heat conductivity of tin compared with the thermal compound.

Low Profile
Compared to the Copper Silent the cooling performance was improved, without increasing the height of the heatsink or violating the height restriction area defined by AMD. Thus compatibility is guaranteed for all Socket A mainboards. Thanks to the reversed fan mounting, the relevant airflow height of 56mm is kept low.

Extremely Quiet
The Second Revision of the Copper Silent 2 allowed for the ventilationsystem to be reworked. The patented "reversed- hanging" fan is able to practically eliminate the typical buzzing sound of 80mm fans.

Fan Mounting
The Fan has been mounted onto 4 Rubber supports to stop vibrations being transmitted to the heat sink.

Owing to the screwdriver guidance and the joint both the installation was simplified significantly as well as the de-installation and is now even possible under extremely close space conditions in the PC Case.

Naturally the Copper Silent 2 utilizes all 6 hooks of the socket, which leads as with our predecessor models to a low socket strain.

max. Clock Rate:
• all AMD Duron
• AMD Athlon XP up to 3400+

recommended CPUs:
• all AMD Duron
• AMD Athlon XP up to 3200+ Heat Sink: 84 x 76 x 41 mm

• Copper Plate: 44 x 44 x 5 mm
• Overall Dimensions: 88 x 82 x 79 mm
• For the Air Flow
• important Height: 56 mm
• Rated Fan Speed: 2200 RPM
• Power Consumption: 12 V, 0.13 Amp.
• Air Flow: 29 CFM
• Weight: 395 g
• Noise Level: 18 dB
• Thermal Resistance: 0.30 °C / Watt.

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Vårt artikelnr18569
Tillv. artikelnrPR-CO-AC-PRO-CU
UtvecklareArctic Cooling
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